Series Review: The Tucket Adventures

Goodreads Link: My average rating 4/5 I really liked these books. They’re absolutely tiny, about 85 pages per book, and are best read together as the next is an immediate continuation of the former. Kind of like Katie and the Mustang, this book follows Francis on his adventure West, or misadventure rather, as he … Continue reading Series Review: The Tucket Adventures



My Rating: 4/5 Goodreads Link: Oh…where do I begin? This book covers some of my favorite decades in history and then some- from Hawai’i’s perspective. Not just Hawai’i’s perspective but Moloka’i’s history too. This book was super enjoyable to read. The writer’s style is somewhere above average, but has a bad habit of just… … Continue reading Moloka’i

Hygge and Lagom by Maya Thoresen

Thank you to the author for allowing me a chance to beta read this book. You can read them here: Hygge and Lagom. My rating for both: 4 stars. Reading the two concepts back-to-back establish the similarities between the two lifestyles and the crossover appeal in both. Admittedly I don’t normally pick these types of books up, I’m usually scared away … Continue reading Hygge and Lagom by Maya Thoresen